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Financial Management

Strategic Advisory

Business and Financial Structure

Accounting and Secretarial Services

Financial Management

Improving the financial performance of your business

What is the core focus of your business from a financial management perspective? Do your Accountants provide annual compliance services? Do you have the financial skill set to look forward and plan for the financial health of your business regardless of size? Do you manage your business based on your tax obligations?

Our focus is to prepare a business for financial success in the future. Working with our clients we enable them to plan their financial and business journey for success. Our clients don’t have a “hope” strategy for success – they have plan that ensures financial health.

We are aware of the ‘uncertainties and risks’ a business environment in.

Our team provides the strategic financial direction to our clients by equipping you with specialist knowledge and advice. Our focus is to  improve your business’s current financial position and also to improve future financial performance of the business.

This is achieved by working collaboratively with you by drawing on the experience of our team. Our founder has extensive experience across many industries before deciding to share this knowledge with other business owners and executives.

  • Prepare your monthly Financial and Management Accounting
  • Cash Flow review and give guidance
  • Financial planning and structuring
  • Financial modelling
  • Budgeting to measure performance
  • Liquidity management
  • Cost management guidance
  • Provide guidance on investing and financing your business
  • Evaluating and improving profitability
  • Value oriented/based financial navigation

Strategic Advisory

Build the business and lifestyle you want

We offer extensive expertise in the development and implementation of strategy, transformation or turnaround. Converse Strategy, our boutique strategic management consulting firm, focusses on working with clients undergoing significant change in their business. Converse strategy has a proven track record in the field of Strategy and Business performance improvement.

Converse Strategy believes leadership, strategy and culture are critical to the success of every business. They do so, by helping a business to shift from the present to a significantly improved future. They embrace lateral thinking and forward-looking mechanism to processes to help businesses succeed in both their short term and long-term. Converse Strategy believes in exploring new realities and working on endless new possibilities through disciplined implementation. Converse Strategy act as a support system for their clients and become a part of their journey. Converse strategy is an advocate of growth and innovation which they deliver, through their solution-based services. Converse seeks to challenge the status-quo where appropriate. They believe in being transparent and collaborative as they seek to share their ideas and solutions with clients to ensure successful implementation.

Bizprop Chartered Accountants clients are fortunate to have direct access to the services of the team at Converse Strategy which have over 35 years’ experience in leading businesses to success. This success has been achieved as leaders of businesses and through professional business advisory services.

  • Business advisory services
  • Strategy facilitation and implementation
  • Creating Value proposition that are embedded in the business.
  • Synergising lateral and design thinking
  • Business planning and implementation
  • Growth and innovation advisory
  • Turnaround strategies
  • Culture team assessment
  • Leadership training and development
  • Board advisory
  • Sales plan development and implementation
  • Performance benchmarking, measurement and enhancement

Business and
Financial Structure

Planning and enhancing your business’s present and future outcomes

Every business has a unique set of objectives that it plans to achieve in the due course of its existence. Our team is always ready to assist with what’s best for you and your business. Bizprop Chartered Accountants stand by your side in all crucial phases of a business life cycle. We have the experience of operating and managing a wide array of Corporate’s, SME’s, Family owned businesses, and not-for-profits.

Bizprop Chartered Accountants assist in the smooth and efficient transition of the business. Our team assist clients with setting up a new business to exiting the business. Every business undergoes different business lifestyle.

Many businesses are under capitalised or simply do not have the cashflow to ensure exceptional performance. We understand the impact of capital shortfalls and we work with clients to ensure that they have the capital to deliver on their business plan.

  • Company and business structure reviews
  • Review and financial facilities
  • Exit strategy planning and establishment
  • Business acquisition – evaluating and negotiating
  • Ensuring effectual transformation if required
  • Business restructure and turnaround if underperforming

Accounting and
Secretarial Services

Bookkeeping and Management Accounting

Bizprop Chartered Accountants provides accounting and management accounting services to improve the profitability and operational efficiency. The Bizprop model is to focus on the future financial health of clients. Our accounting/business approach is based on profitability and operational efficiency by instilling a future oriented perspective, ensuring good financial health for your business. We discover and discuss problems through established communication channels that suit best to our clients, entail improving effectiveness and efficiency in our deliverables. We have a consequential mind set and approach while delivering our accounting services.

We recognised that the tax structure and optimisation is a strategic driver of value for many clients. As part of managing your future financial health, we ensure your business remains on top of tax compliance and reporting obligations by assisting your business make informed decisions. This service is provided through our strategic partner, who specialises in all matters related to taxation compliance. Bizprop is committed to building profitable businesses, and in conjunction with our strategic tax partner, we ensure a positive tax planning service. Bizprop has varies monthly management accounting packages to deliver the services it offers.

  • Accounting – daily, monthly, or yearly.
  • Payroll and HR management
  • Profitability and operational efficiency reporting.
  • Utilising Cloud accounting & Analytics, Outsourcing Bookkeeping and Payroll Management for your business
  • Preparing financial statements and management reports on a monthly and annual basis.
  • Budgeting and forecasting for the business
  • Registering new companies and trusts
  • ASIC compliance and secretarial assistance.

These services are offered through our strategic partner:

  • Taxation compliance
  • Tax structure optimisation
  • Tax compliance and reporting obligations
  • Specialist tax planning and structuring
  • Analysing and advising on GST and CST registration and lodgement
  • Company tax planning
  • Due diligence tax reporting
  • Preparation and lodgement of annual income tax returns
  • Superannuation compliance and STP lodgement